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I am going to try to update this blog once a week to share what’s going on in my literary life.

Right now I have two reviews that should be coming out soon: The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings should be appearing soon in America Magazine, and a review of Teaching Plato in Palestine will be coming out in the next issue of The Hedgehog Review.

I am currently reading Kay Boyle: A Twentieth Century Life in Letters which I am reviewing on spec. In addition, Norton (the publisher not Jackie Gleason’s buddy) sent me a copy of John Lahr’s new book Joy Ride, a collection of his most recent essays and I will be reading and reviewing that as well to shop around. His biography of Tennessee Williams, which I reviewed for America Magazine last year was a masterpiece of biography in my humble humble opinion. And finally, because I am an Inklings fan, I asked for a copy of a new Oxford Press book entitled C.S. Lewis and his Circle, and will be reviewing that on spec. as well.

Of course I have a bunch of other books I want to be reading that have a bearing on a travel memoir/belles lettres book about Ireland I am writing. I am almost done with the block of marble of a first and second draft (longhand and typed) and then will go to work shaping and polishing using Carolyn See’s method of revision as outlined in her great book Making a Literary Life. That’s the plan anyway.

This has been a good year literary-wise. Arts and Letters Daily picked up my review of Seeing Things As They Are by John Searle in The Weekly Standard and Prufrock featured it also. I had not known about Prufrock but it’s a great venue of literary and otherwise news you get in a M-F email. (I’m also enjoying Lit Hub as well.) Then Amarillo Bay published a story and SN Review three poems. Dublin Review of Books took another review of mine, as well. And the two reviews coming out soon. And I am sticking to my “Irish” book and looks like I might just finish it. In addition I was part of an issue of America Magazine that won the Best Review Section for Fall Books I from The Catholic Press Association. That was the issue that included my review of Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh by John Lahr.

And last but not least I was privileged to partake in a game of Literary Jeopardy at Elements in Biddeford hosted by MWPA director, Joshua Bodwell, and Slice Magazine’s Celia Johnson, sponsored by Elements and the local brewer Banded Horn. The team I was on, AFEW Words (AFEW standing for Air, Fire, Earth, Water) won–thanks, Denise, Charlotte, and Martha!–and I came home with an Elements mug and a gift card to Banded Horn which I will redeem as soon as humanly possible.

Go with the good,

Frank Freeman


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