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Reading, cont.

Now where was I? Here is my reading list since the last one. Going for a hundred titles, but not going to worry about either.

73. Of Arms and Artists, Paul Staiti, for review

74. The Daily Henry James, edited by Evelyn Gaurnaut Smalley, for review

75. Looking for The Stranger, Alick Kaplan, for review

76. The Feud, Alex Beam, for review

77. Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

78. Kafka: The Early Years, Reiner Stach, for review

79. The Art of Memoir, Mary Karr

80. Dispatches, Michael Herr

81. Commonweal, Nov. 11, 2016

82. Commonweal, Dec. 2, 2016

83. A Book of Dreams: A Memoir of Wilhelm Reich, Peter Reich

That’s it for now. I have six books to read for the Leonard Committee of the NBCC so that will make 89 plus currently reading The Long Loneliness by Dorothy Day, The Plague by Albert Camus, The Lotus Sutra: A Biography by Donald J. Lopez, Jr., The Selected Letters of Joseph Conrad edited by Laurence Davies and a few more.


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