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Tolstoy Journal, January 6, 2017

Read up to page 100. Descriptions of the banquet at the Rostov’s, how the women talk differently than the men and both tease each other across the table. How Pierre is still like a bear in society (for he does come). How the count dances delightfully and everyone has had plenty to drink and is in good cheer. How Sonya runs off for a crying jag because she is jealous of Nikolai talking with Julie again. How war has been declared and the men argue about it. How everyone waits for and is delighted with Marya Dmitrievna who is called “the terrible dragon” because of her tall and imposing stature and of the way she always speaks her mind.

Here is a description of a fellow named Berg, p. 81

“Berg always spoke very accurately, calmly, and politely. His conversation invariably had himself as its central point; he always preserved a discreet silence when people were talking about anything that did not directly concern himself, and he could sit that way silently for hours without feeling or causing others to feel the slightest sense of awkwardness. But as soon as the conversation touched any subject in which he was personally interested, he would begin to talk at length and with evident satisfaction.”

And then, leaving the count beaming while dancing, we are taken to the family wherein Pierre’s father has had his sixth stroke and been given last rites and devious plotting begins among the relatives.

It’s all here.


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